When most homeowners want to save money, they turn to their air conditioning unit first. Many people have been conditioned to believe that their appliances are the real reason that they save or spend money on the electric bill. While this may be true in some situations, it doesn’t always hold true for your air conditioning unit. Sometimes, your thermostat could be the very thing that is costing you too much money on your electric bill.

Are you interested in how installing the right thermostat can help you save money by boosting your energy efficiency? Take a look at a couple of these suggestions here.

Programmable Thermostats

Energy Star estimates that installing a programmable thermostat could help you save up to $180 per year in heating and cooling costs. This is one simple change that you have to make, but it can yield huge dividends for years to come. You simply have to know how to set up your programmable thermostat the right way. It is based on the idea that you can save more money on heating and cooling by adjusting the temperature of your home during the times that you are away or asleep.

In the summertime, this means that you might set your thermostat up seven degrees for eight hours while you are at work. You will set it up just four degrees for the eight hours that you are asleep each night. Expect an eight-degree setback during the day and nighttime hours through the winter for the most savings. This ensures that your air conditioner is working its hardest only during the hours that you are available or awake enough to enjoy the cooler air. As a result, your home is a lot more energy efficient.

Smart Thermostats

While a programmable thermostat can make those simple changes automatically, a smart thermostat gives you an even greater degree of control. You can automatically adjust the temperature of your home directly from your smartphone, no matter where you happen to be. If you know that you will be staying late at work, you can keep the temperature set up until you’re ready to head home for the day. Your thermostat even uses sensors to figure out if you are home or not, allowing it to change the temperatures automatically.

One of the greatest aspects of a smart thermostat is its ability to give insight into your energy efficiency. Many of them will evaluate your current usage and give you helpful tips and pointers on how to improve your energy efficiency even further. They can use their intelligence to learn what temperatures your family prefers and then make more helpful suggestions based on your usage. Some of them can even break down what some simple changes could save you.

Installing the right thermostat is the first step toward improving your energy efficiency. When you’re ready to make the switch, give Provincial Heating and Cooling’s qualified heating and air conditioning repair technicians a call!