Gas Furnace Winnipeg

Warm Your Home or Business with an Efficient Gas Furnace in Winnipeg

Yes, it’s true—you’ll actually save money by buying a new gas furnace in Winnipeg because your new model from Provincial Heating & Cooling will be more energy-efficient than the old furnace at your home. Imagine saving money on your monthly energy bills! When you’re seeking to replace your older model furnace, you’ll find a quality collection of brand new, state-of-the-art gas furnaces from reputable, name-brand companies.

Our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to assist you in selecting the right gas furnace to fit your needs. From homeowners to business owners and beyond, we take great pride in helping a wide range of customers find the perfect gas furnace.

Why You Need a New Gas Furnace Unit in Winnipeg

If you’re unsure of whether you need a new gas furnace unit in Winnipeg, don’t worry—it’s a common struggle. The team at Provincial Heating & Cooling has provided a few reasons why replacing your unit is necessary:

  • The Age of Your Unit – The approximate lifespan of a gas furnace is in the range of 16 to 20 years. Even if your unit has experienced a minimal amount of issues, it’s time to start looking around for a new one, as the energy efficiency of your current gas furnace has likely plummeted and will continue to drop significantly month by month.
  • High Energy Bills – As the energy efficiency of your gas furnace continues to decrease, the cost of your energy bills will skyrocket. As time goes by, your unit will have to work longer and more strenuously to produce a similar amount of heat for a much higher cost! Don’t throw away your hard earned money on outrageously expensive energy bills—save money by investing in a new gas furnace
  • Constant Repairs – As with high energy bills, it’s senseless to pay for constant repairs. If you’ve found that you’re frequently calling the furnace repair technician, it’s time for a new gas furnace.

Infinity® Series Gas Furnace with Greenspeed™ Intelligence

Looking for top-of-the-line comfort, performance and efficiency? As its name suggests, the Infinity series takes them further than they’ve ever been. But if the top has a top, its name includes Greenspeed intelligence.

Infinity® Series Gas Furnaces

Whether you live in the cold North and need the high-efficiency of a condensing gas furnace or the moderate South and can do just fine with a little less efficiency, you’ll still enjoy ultimate comfort with these Infinity series furnaces.

Performance™ Series Gas Furnaces

Efficient, quiet, flexible and durable, these powerful furnaces live up to their Performance name every day—no matter where you live.

Comfort™ Series Gas Furnaces

If efficiency is a hot button for you, but budget is your primary concern, consider our Comfort 90+% AFUE gas furnaces. These high-efficiency furnaces excel at generating warmth throughout your home—while generating low energy bills though those long winter months.


Find a Winnipeg Gas Furnace for Sale Today

If you’ve found it’s time to replace your unit, visit Provincial Heating & Cooling in Winnipeg for a gas furnace for sale. We encourage you to book an appointment by visiting our contact page, where you’ll find our phone number and additional information! We look forward to helping you select your new gas furnace!

Your prompt reply ( and same day on-site visit) to my initial email requesting a new furnace quote was very much appreciated.

All the Provincial Heating workers who were involved in the new furnace installation were very polite and respectful.  Everything was done as per your quote and at the stated cost, with no unexpected extras.  I am very satisfied with the work and , based on my experience, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your company to people I know.  Thanks for a job well done!

Raymond M.
324 A Keewatin St Winnipeg, Manitoba