It’s summer, you’re relaxing at home, enjoying the cool air coming from your air conditioning. As the day goes on, you notice the house seems to be getting hotter; did one of the kids play with the thermostat again? You check to see and, no, the temperature setting is exactly where you left it. You figure there must be a problem with the AC, but you’re not too sure what it might be. You should definitely call for
air conditioner repair in winnipeg, because there’s quite a few different problems the unit might have; here are the 5 most common problems you might see.

1.Your Windows Are Open

This is the most common reason folks might think the AC is malfunctioning; there’s a door or window open, and it’s letting the hot air in. This makes it difficult for your system to properly regulate the temperature in your home. When some areas of your home are air conditioned, and some are not, be sure to seal off those areas from each other, or your system won’t be effective. We always hope this is the problem, because you’ll save time and money, but sometimes it really is the system malfunctioning.

2.Improper Installation and Repair

This isn’t so much a problem with your air conditioning, but rather a problem with the folks who installed it. Improper installation can lead to poor air flow, refrigerant levels that are off-balance and leaky ducts. That’s why it’s essential you get your system installed and maintained by contractors who are certified and insured.

3.Refrigerant Leaks

This occurs when the refrigerant in the system is spilling outside of where it’s supposed to be. You cannot simply add refrigerant to the system, as it will leak out shortly after you put it in; this can be damaging to the environment; some refrigerants can also be hazardous to your health. These hazards mean it’s best to call a technician who can test for the leak, find it, repair it, then add the proper amount of refrigerant; refrigerant must be balanced to a manufacturer’s specifications, not undercharged or overcharged, in order to be effective.

4.The Sensor is Out of Place

Your thermostat’s gauge of the temperature in your house is based on a sensor that measures the temperature of air coming into your system, near the evaporator coil. When this sensor isn’t working, or is out of place, the system may get the wrong temperature; when this happens, it adjust improperly.

5.Wear and Tear

Compressors, fans, electrical connectors; your AC is built to last, but there are a lot of moving parts. These parts can begin to wear down, especially when the wrong system was installed, which may cause the air conditioner to turn on and off or work too hard. Dust and dirt can also accumulate on your filters and coils, which can speed up the deterioration of your unit; be sure to clean these components if you notice they’re getting dirty.