Best Cooling Options for a Finished Basement

Apr 10, 2018

Your basement is finally finished, but nobody wants to spend time downstairs during the summer weather. Guests try to avoid sleeping in the downstairs quarters, while kids would rather play outdoors than in your basement. It’s become apparent that you are going to need to find the perfect cooling option for your newly finished space. The question is, what cooling options are available for your new basement?

You might have built your finished basement because it adds space and value to your home. However, that value is significantly lessened when no one wants to use your basement. Take a look at a few of these options to cool down your finished space and increase its popularity.


You might realize that your primary complaint about the basement is the humidity. High levels of moisture in the air can easily make you feel sticky and sweaty, even if the heat is tolerable. A finished basement might feel much cooler with the installation of a dehumidifier. This is one simple solution you can try as a standalone feature or in combination with another type of air conditioner.

Window or Portable Air Conditioner

If you happen to be on a very strict budget, a window air conditioner might be all you can afford to cool down your basement. These units are relatively small and easy to install, but they can only cool a small area. Depending on the size of your finished basement, you might need two to three units to effectively cool everything.

Many homeowners complain that these portable units are too loud and noisy to keep running while you enjoy the space. This can definitely be a concern for portable air conditioners, so be sure to look for models with a low-decibel rating. Try to keep them on a small carpet square or on top of a towel to dampen the sound from the vibrations.

Ductless Mini-Split System

Ductless mini-split systems are a popular option for cooling down a finished basement. These units can be mounted directly on the wall so they don’t infringe upon your floor space. The HVAC company will need to cut a hole in your exterior wall so that the compressor can be situated outside. These mini-split systems are only designed to cool down a single room, so they won’t help with other areas of the home. However, they are very quiet and are less expensive than replacing a central air conditioning unit that doesn’t have enough power to cool the basement.  

Central Air Conditioning

The air conditioner you have installed in your home might be able to handle more square footage. With help from a team of professional HVAC technicians, you could add more ductwork to your current system to cool down the basement. This would allow you to pull moisture from the air and keep the basement set at a consistent temperature with the rest of your home.

If you need help setting up a new central air conditioner or one of the other cooling options listed here, be sure to contact Provincial Heating and Cooling in Winnipeg! Our team of expert technicians has the experience and the training to help cool your basement down before the summer arrives.


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