Can Animals Get Into Air Ducts?

Nov 27, 2020

Have you ever wondered what’s inside your air ducts? You probably imagine a build-up of dust and debris—but what about an animal? Even if you love furry creatures, you won’t feel the same when they infiltrate your home. That fluffy squirrel in your yard is a lot more adorable when it isn’t damaging the interior of your property. 

Once an animal is inside your home, it will search for any place that it can hide. What’s one area that you’ll never be able to reach? The air ducts. The unfortunate truth is that animals can and will get into your air ducts. 

What are the risks of an animal in the air ducts?

Pest infestations post health risks to the members of your household. Rodents, like mice, carry diseases that can make your family sick. Their droppings are also known to irritate allergies and asthma, even more than cockroach waste.

Animals that make a home out of your ducts won’t be particularly kind to them. They’ll make nests and leave behind waste that damages the material. They might even chew through different sections and leave wiring exposed—this poses potential fire hazards.

The biggest issue is that it spells out bad news for your HVAC system. Your furnace and air conditioner use air ducts to circulate the warm and cool air around your home. When an animal is blocking this airway, the system must work twice as hard to make your home the desired temperature. This can put excessive strain on the components and lead to repairs or even replacement. Those who have paid for air duct installation know that it isn’t inexpensive; it’s important to remedy this issue to minimize any damage to your ducts.

If an animal lives in your air ducts long enough, it will die there, eventually. As its body decomposes in the duct, the putrid smell will spread throughout your home. For obvious reasons, this is less than desirable; it can even make you sick. If you’re scratching your head and wondering what to do about your pest problem, keep reading.

How do I get an animal out of my air ducts?

In Winnipeg, our winters are relentless, both for humans and for animals. Once a mouse or squirrel finds its way inside your air ducts, you’ll have a hard time convincing it to leave. First, you can take preventative measures so that animals don’t infiltrate in the first place. Look to seal any cracks around your home’s foundation, doors, and outdoor vents. You can use caulking and/or weatherstripping. Plugging small holes with steel wool is another great trick. Try to seal any open food sources so that animals are not lured inside, like garbage containers or a compost. If you suspect that the animals are roaming around at night, set up traps in areas like the kitchen to catch them in the act.

You’ll need to call the AC repair professionals in Winnipeg to remedy this issue. At Provincial Heating and Cooling, we can seal, clean, and repair your ducts to prevent this problem from happening again. With scheduled maintenance, you can keep your HVAC system operating at maximum efficiency year-round, and keep it pest-free. Contact us today if animals are causing problems in your air ducts.


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