Do I Need To Have My AC Inspected?

Aug 11, 2020



Most people in Winnipeg wait all year for summer. After our harsh winters, the warm months are a time where people can ride their bikes, enjoy outdoor pools, and plan picnics with their friends and family. But one thing can impede your delight of the summer sun: a broken air conditioning unit. You’ll be dreading the heat waves if your AC system malfunctions. Should you have your system inspected to ensure it can handle the summer? 



The answer depends on the last time your unit was serviced – chances are, if you’re asking yourself this question, it’s been a while. Most experts recommend that you have your equipment examined once a year. Your air conditioner sat idly while the snow raged outside your home. Will it be running at peak efficiency after it’s been out of use for more than half the year? 



Let’s go over what happens when your AC unit isn’t checked regularly. For starters, it won’t run efficiently. The cooling properties of your system will be compromised by faulty components within the unit. An air conditioner uses a condensate drain to dehumidify the air, a process that both cools it and prevents moisture damage in your home. Over time, the drain pan can fill with algae and then it won’t be able to remove moisture from the air. Filters that are clogged with dirt and hair will fail to extract pollutants from the air – this can even cause breathing difficulties for the members of your home. Not only that, but an inefficient system will also raise your power bill. You’ll be paying more for less. Lastly, issues that go undetected will end up costing you more by creating problems that result in serious damage.



HVAC systems aren’t inexpensive. Think of the other expensive investments in your life, such as your car. You know that your vehicle has to be maintained to run its best – the same principle applies to your air conditioning unit. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of regular maintenance is that it gives you peace of mind. You won’t have to fret about whether you have an expensive repair bill upcoming, or if your AC unit will fail you on the hottest day. While there is a service cost to have your system inspected, remember that maintenance will be less expensive than repairs. 



What does an AC examination entail? First, a technician will inspect the components of your system. These include the thermostat, refrigerant levels, controls, and electrical wiring and fuses. Next, the coils on your outdoor unit will be checked and straightened using a fin comb. A lubricant will be applied to any pieces that require it. The condensate drain will be cleaned thoroughly, and the air filter will be replaced altogether. Ductwork will be inspected to ensure there is no energy loss. Finally, the technician will look at the outside unit and ensure that no damage has been done over the winter months. They will clear any leaves and debris from inside and around it so that it functions at maximum efficiency.



Protect your valuable investment by having your AC serviced annually. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your system by up to 40%! At Provincial Heating and Cooling, our team is made of air conditioning experts in Winnipeg. We offer service plans so that your system will run smoothly for years to come. 



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