Fun Historical Facts About Air Conditioning

Aug 8, 2019

Did you know that the first modern air conditioning system was installed in 1902?

Dr. Willis Carrier, also known as “The Father of Air Conditioning”, began his cool concept in 1881 by using a slide rule to calculate dew point control.  This breakthrough was the foundation of his invention of modern air conditioning. His ideas and inventions have been advancing since then and today’s top air conditioning systems in the world carry the Carrier name. Provincial Heating and Cooling in Winnipeg is a Carrier authorized dealer making them the top choice for reliability and efficiency in air conditioning systems. 

Now that you know you should contact Provincial Heating and Cooling for the best systems available, let’s get back to our history lesson….

During the sweltering summer of 1902, Willis Carrier installed the first modern air conditioning system at the Sackett & Wilhelms printing plant in Brooklyn, New York, USA. In 1906, the Chronicle Cotton Mills of Belmont, North Carolina had Carrier’s invention hooked up to the mill’s fan-heater ventilation system, making it the very first industrial central air humidifying system. The textile industry soon embraced the new innovation and the cool air systems improved the lives of sweatshop workers forever.

In 1914, Carrier installed air conditioning in a private residence for the first time. This was in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the  Charles Gates mansion. In the same year, Carrier became an established international phenomenon, installing air conditioning systems across North America, the Middle East, Europe, and into Central and South America. 

In 1915, Carrier and five fellow engineers from the Buffalo Forge Company officially launched the Carrier Engineering Corporation as an independent entity. Their forward thinking didn’t just stop with machinery.  In 1917, Carrier hired Margaret Ingels, America’s first non-male air-conditioning engineer.  Imagine! This was at a time when women didn’t even have the right to vote in the USA! Her career took her to serve on President Herbert Hoover’s Conference on Home Building and Home Ownership in the late 1920’s.  Margaret also wrote Willis Carrier’s biography which was published in 1952.

In 1922, the Carrier centrifugal chiller was unveiled which led not only to large-scale air conditioning comfort but also to the sports arena.  In 1925, New York City’s new Madison Square Garden used the new chiller technology to produce the perfect ice surface for professional hockey games. The T.W. Patterson Building in Fresno, California became the first multi-story installation, cooling floors two to seven.  Carrier installed the centrifugal chiller in the basement and the air conditioning equipment on the roof. 

In 1928, the Milam Building in San Antonio, Texas was the first skyscraper in America to install central air conditioning as it was being constructed. Internationally acclaimed for its innovative ideas and continued advancements in air conditioning technology, Carrier is a name you can trust.  

Provincial Winnipeg Heating and Cooling ensure that their clients are very well served by only using high-quality equipment.  They are a company you can trust – they are a Carrier authorized dealer.


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