How To Reduce Noise From An Outside Air Conditioner

Aug 18, 2020

Hear that? That loud buzzing noise coming from outside your home? You’re hearing the sound of your outdoor AC unit – something you may be too familiar with. If you have an older system, it might frequently fill the summertime air with loud, obnoxious noise; your neighbours may have even complained about it. It’s hard to enjoy the bliss of summer when it’s paired with a grating and irritating noise. To restore peace to your home, try these tips to reduce the unappealing sounds produced by your air conditioner: 

Insulate your home. If you can hear every rattle and clank of your air conditioning unit from indoors, your home may be under-insulated. Consider soundproofing the interior of your home so that you’re less exposed to outside noises. In turn, it will help maintain your AC system, too – with proper insulation, your home won’t leak the cold air that your system works hard to create. The disadvantage of this option is that it does not address any potential problems that your unit might have. 

Use a sound-absorbing blanket. The noise from your air conditioner is usually caused by the compressor. A soundproof blanket will not have adverse effects on the performance of the system. Designed in a way that will not impede airflow or cause overheating, this product is safe to help contain the noise of your outdoor unit.

Install a fence. Are your neighbours complaining? The source of your headache may have to do more with them than the noise your AC produces. In that case, you can build a fence to help contain the sound. Make sure that the fence is taller than the unit so that it can effectively block noise. Surround the unit on all four sides, while leaving enough space so the system can have proper airflow. Make sure you don’t just build two sides – this will cause the noise to reverberate off the surfaces, amplifying it. 

Add surrounding vegetation. Planting bushes, shrubs, and flowers will add insulation around your unit, all while increasing the curb appeal of your home. Take note that plants too close to your unit can cause airflow problems. Maintain a distance of 2 feet/61 cm between your AC and your barrier of green. You will need to regularly prune the vegetation so that it doesn’t interfere with your system. 

Install a new unit. Loud noises from AC systems are more typical of older models. Modern versions have efficient technology that reduces the noise they emit. If your AC unit is looking worse for wear and making loud noises, it may be time for an upgrade. The cost of a new unit can be hefty, but it will create long-term savings by reducing your energy bill and eliminating the need for costly repairs.

Have your AC serviced by experienced technicians. If your air conditioner is making hissing, clicking, banging, or screeching sounds, it may require a repair. Soundproofing your unit may be putting off necessary maintenance, which can result in further damage to your AC unit. Protect your investment and call Provincial Heating and Cooling; we offer air conditioner repair in Winnipeg. By cleaning the components of your unit, like the fan and condensate drain, we can reduce the noises that these parts produce. 


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