The Importance of Air Handlers During Winter

Apr 6, 2018

Do you wonder what purpose your air handlers will serve during the winter season? Most people are familiar with their air handlers as a part of their air conditioning unit. This part of the unit is responsible for helping to move the air throughout your home with greater ease. It contains all of the parts necessary keep the air flowing from your air conditioning unit, but some homes have air handlers that also work with their heat pumps.

In order to understand why your air handler is so important, you need to first know what it does. Can you identify your air handler or is it all a mystery to you? Learn everything you need to know here!

What is the air handler?

Many people have a hard time telling their air handler apart from a furnace at a quick glance. It is usually a large metal box with sealed joints and a lid. If you have a large air handler, it might be a relatively big steel box with base rails to make it sturdier. These larger sizes tend to also have better acoustical properties to make up for the overall size and potential sound of the equipment it contains.

You may find your ventilation system stacked beside the air handler or on top of it, depending on the type of unit you have.

What does the air handler do?

Your central heating and cooling system needs a little bit of help on the inside of your home in order to do its job. The air handler works on the inside while your primary unit is located on the outside of your home. It partners with your air conditioning unit, but it can also pump warm air into the house when it’s hooked up to a heat pump. The air handler holds your indoor coils which are responsible for heating up the air that is pushed into the home during the winter.

By using the heat pump with your air handler, you are helping your home to become much warmer during the winter months. It plays a crucial role in helping you to develop comfortable living conditions inside. An efficient air handler doesn’t force your heat pump to work so hard in the winter, leaving it with less wear and tear. When your air handler works effectively, you also might not need to run your outside unit quite as much, effectively lowering your monthly heating costs in the winter.

Clearly, your air handlers are a very significant part of your heating system during the chilly winter months. With an efficient system, you should be able to experience greater warmth and more comfort for your home during the coming season. If you have any questions about how your air handler works, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to Provincial Heating and Cooling. We are a highly recommended HVAC Winnipeg company that can help with all of your common HVAC needs at home throughout the year.


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