How Often Should I Have the Air Duct from My Office Cleaned?

Mar 28, 2018

Have you been wondering what’s lurking behind your vents in the air ducts of your office? Most managers and business owners want to do the best they can to create a healthy and safe working environment for their employees. Improving the indoor air quality in the building is one way to ensure that your employees stay healthy and alert throughout the workday. You might think that cleaning your air ducts regularly can contribute to this overall condition.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of science to support the fact that duct cleaning leads to better indoor air quality. Common sense tells us that it probably does though. After all, it removes all of the dust, lint, pollen, and pollutant buildup that gets stuck just on the other side of your air vents. Removing this should lead to cleaner air being pumped throughout the office.

Your air conditioning unit can even work more efficiently when the ducts aren’t clogged with other items. This allows it to pump the air in at full force, creating a cool atmosphere that is comfortable for all of your employees. Even this small difference can do wonders to boost the productivity of your employees throughout the course of the day. A cooler work environment keeps them more alert and prevents them from making careless errors as a result of heat-induced sluggishness.

Because of these benefits, most experts and professionals will still recommend cleaning your office air ducts on a regular basis. Cleaning them every three to five years should be a great start toward building a better office environment.

Of course, you might need to clean them even sooner under certain circumstances. For example, you might find small black debris around your vents. You might be able to see clouds of dust coming out the return when the air conditioning unit starts up. When you see this degree of buildup emanating from your air ducts, it’s definitely time to have a professional get them cleaned out.

Another major reason to have your office air ducts cleaned sooner would be suspected mold growth. If your office smells like dirty gym socks and you can’t seem to identify the culprit, it could be a sign that you have mold hidden just behind your vents. This can result in significant sickness for your employees, but it might mirror the common cold or flu. They might suffer from running noses, coughs, or itchy eyes that disappear when they leave the office.

Mold growth is a serious sign that your property needs attention and you should definitely have your air ducts cleaned. You will have to identify the source of the moisture that caused the mold growth in order to permanently eradicate this growth from your office.

Is it time to have your office air duct cleaned? If so, contact Provincial Heating and Cooling in Winnipeg to allow one of our heating and air conditioning repair technicians to help clear out your air ducts and make your work environment healthier and cleaner.


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