Scary Furnace Sounds You Should Not Ignore

Aug 22, 2019

Do you hear unusual sounds coming from the furnace? Whether it is a high-pitched squeal or loud bang, you have the right to be alarmed. The temperatures are starting to drastically drop, and there isn’t any reason to put up with frightening noises all autumn and winter long. Besides, the sounds you are hearing from the furnace usually mean there is a bigger problem at hand that needs addressing. Here, the heating and air conditioning services of Provincial Heating and Cooling in Winnipeg lists the three scary noises from your furnace you should not ignore:


Boom or Loud Bang

A buildup of gas in the system – Do you hear what sounds as if it is a loud gunshot as you turn the furnace on? That might indicate that you have gas buildup inside the system. This boom or loud bang sound might wind up cracking the heat exchanger in the furnace (which is an expensive repair), so contact a professional as soon as possible.


The dirty burners might’ve delayed the ignition – Burners that are dirty may delay the ignition, causing gas to build up then “explode” as the ignition, at last, does come on. Booking maintenance will prevent that because a professional will come in then clean the burners as part of a tune-up appointment.


It might be contracting and expanding ducts – Loud duct sounds are a typical issue for homeowners that have HVAC systems. Call a pro like Provincial Heating and Cooling   to look at the unit — they will have the ability to seal then insulate the ducts, adjust dampers, replace the air filter, and replace undersized ducts.



Loose screw or loose panel – A rattling noise often could mean there is a loose screw or loose panel in the furnace. Try to tighten the panel using a screwdriver (after you have turned the power off from the electrical panel). If that does not help the rattling sound, call a pro.


Crack or leak in the heat exchanger – A Faulty heat exchanger may be extremely dangerous and serious. It might wind up leaking carbon monoxide into the house.


Screeching or Squealing

Whistling, whining, screeching, or squealing sounds are not as big a deal as rattling, booming, or banging noises. But it still is something you want to keep a lookout on. Screeching or squealing sounds might indicate that you have a damaged blower belt or belt-driven motor loose. It also could mean that specific moving parts in the system have become dry. All the above easily can be fixed by an expert HVAC professional.


Furnace Repairs

Our highly knowledgeable and skilled techs are equipped with all the tools necessary to get your furnace completely fixed and working better than ever.


Maintenance Checks on the Furnace

The sooner you take preventative steps to avoid future problems, the better off you will be. We’re able to serve all furnace maintenance needs by arranging a yearly safety and tune-up inspection on your behalf. We will catch any malfunctions or glitches before they turn into expensive breakdowns which happen during a time you require heating the most.


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