Should I Cover My A/C?

Apr 6, 2018

Winterizing your house requires a lot of forethought and planning. It can be a great idea to get all of the items you will need ready long before the first winds of winter arrive. When you start to make your checklist, should you plan on covering your air conditioning unit? This issue can be intensely debated on both sides.

Everyone wants to avoid a costly air conditioning repair in Winnipeg especially given that the average tends to be around $350. Before you make a plan to protect your unit for the winter, you need to find out what could be best for your unique circumstances.

Benefits of Covering Your AC Unit

The primary benefit of covering your air conditioner is that it prevents the unit from being damaged by debris. Particularly if your home is prone to icicles and ice dams, you might need to worry about these items falling from the roof and hitting your unit. Air conditioners that are close to trees might face a similar problem with falling limbs that can’t stand up under the weight of all the snow.

When it gets cold enough to freeze, you could experience a lot of trouble with your A/C unit. Ice and snow buildup can cause damage to your air conditioner over time. This could be especially true in areas that have several feet of snow throughout the winter months. The weight and pressure of that frozen snow can damage the fins and the interior portion of the unit.

Disadvantages of Covering Your AC Unit

Covering your unit certainly sounds like it might be the best idea to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. However, there is another side to this argument that you should consider before making a final decision.

One of the most pervasive problems that come from covering your unit is an infestation. Rodents and small animals tend to seek refuge from the winter winds wherever they can. A cozy box that is well-protected from the elements might be the perfect place for them to settle in. Once inside the unit, they could nibble through the wires or cause damage to other sensitive parts of the machine.

The Final Verdict

Most people probably don’t need to do anything more than cover the top of the unit to shield it from falling debris. This can be as simple as putting a sheet of plywood over the top of your air conditioner. Keep in mind that the decision to cover your unit entirely could be based solely off of your home’s location and surroundings. You may have more concerns that lead you to cover the unit for the season.

Covering an air conditioner during the winter months might help to keep it looking newer for longer periods of time, but it really isn’t necessary. Your air conditioner was built to endure the elements so you can rest easy this winter.

When winter is over, Provincial Winnipeg Heating and Cooling’s leading air conditioner service will be ready and waiting to help you ready your home for spring once more. A quick tune-up on an annual maintenance plan can help to straighten out any issues that arose during the winter. Be sure to give our experienced team a call today if you have any questions about how to winterize your air conditioner!


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