Should I Keep My Windows Open Or Closed In Spring?

Apr 8, 2020

The warmer weather can be a pleasant change from the icy cold winds of winter. As we transition from one season to the next, many people look forward to the day they can flip on their air conditioner. However, others are interested in throwing open the windows to let the natural spring air into their home. Should you keep your windows open or closed during this beautiful time of year?

The answer really depends on the situation. Here are a few things that you might want to consider:

Lower Electric Bills

If the weather outside is pleasant and there is a nice breeze, you might find that you can cool your home down without the need for the air conditioner. This can save you money on your monthly power bill. Opening up the windows can be a great substitute for your HVAC system, but you need those temperatures to be consistent. If you turn that air conditioner off in the morning just to turn on again an hour or two later, you might waste more money by turning it on and off in rapid succession than if you’d left it on.

Supply Fresh Air

Do you feel like your home is stuffy and full of stale air? Wintertime can make your home feel this way because it’s too cold to introduce a lot of fresh air. By opening the windows, you can air out the house and get rid of any unpleasant odours that may have been lingering inside. Fresh spring air smells wonderful and can do wonders for your mood and the overall state of how your home feels.

Consider your garage as well. You can open your windows during the spring to cool down your garage, but you will have to deal with the
extra dust that may make its way into your garage. Noise will also be an issue if you prefer to leave your garage door closed.

Watch Out for Dust

Many people are tempted to throw their windows open whenever a pleasant breeze rolls through, but you have to be careful here. If you open the windows when it’s too windy, you run the risk of letting too much dust into your home. This dust can get into your ducts and air vents, making it harder for your air conditioner to work when you do eventually turn it back on.

It may also mean that you need to replace your air filters more regularly as they are responsible for removing debris from the air. This can be an additional cost that you didn’t budget for.

Be Careful about Allergies

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, opening your windows in the springtime probably isn’t the best idea. The screens on your windows won’t filter out the pollen and other allergens that upset your respiratory system. You might encounter annoying symptoms like a runny nose, itchy eyes, or a persistent cough. For those who suffer from allergies like this, it is best to keep the windows shut when all of the flowers are in bloom outdoors. Otherwise, that yellow pollen is likely to work its way indoors and make you feel terribly uncomfortable.

Improve Your Mood

Winter is known for being a dark and somewhat depressing season. The days are shorter and the weather tends to be cold and colder. By the time spring rolls around, most of us are ready for a major change of pace. Opening the windows to let in fresh air and sunshine can help give you a bit of a mood boost. The sound of birds singing outside your window can really perk you up if you have been in the doldrums of winter for too long.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Most people are led to believe that the air quality outdoors is worse than what we experience indoors, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, our indoor air can be significantly worse than what’s outside. Opening the windows allows some of the indoor contaminants to escape and provides you with fresh air instead. You might breathe a little easier after introducing some fresh spring air.

Making the Choice

Weigh the points made above about opening and closing the windows to decide what’s right for you. Opening the windows has a lot of benefits, but only if you don’t suffer from allergies and the weather conditions are just right.

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