What Is Considered An HVAC Emergency?

Apr 14, 2020

Here at Provincial Heating and Cooling, we work around the clock to make sure that your home stays comfortable. Many of our clients are hesitant to call us after hours because they aren’t sure exactly what constitutes an HVAC emergency. Fortunately, we created a handy list that you might want to consider before calling us to come help out. 

Are you experiencing any of the following conditions? 

Weather Conditions

If the weather outside is temperate and comfortable, then you may not need to call in the experts after-hours. This is particularly true during early spring and fall when you could comfortably open the windows and enjoy the fresh air outside. When the temperatures begin to either drop to uncomfortably low temperatures or soar to higher temperatures, then you might need to consider calling in the professionals for an emergency house visit. 

If your thermostat reads like it just can’t keep up with the temperature you set, it could be an emergency, especially in the dead of winter when temperatures dip below freezing. 

Loud Sounds

An HVAC system that is making excessively loud sounds probably needs to be looked at right away. It might be a loud screeching sound or a lighter buzzing sound, but both warrant immediate attention. They can be indicative of a loose belt, electrical issues, and more. Without attention, this might seriously damage other parts of the unit. However, it could wait until normal business hours if you are able to shut the unit down and exist comfortably with what the temperature is outdoors. 

Burning Smell

When you start to smell something burning on your HVAC system, this is never a good sign. A burning odour should be considered an HVAC emergency that warrants an after-hours call. As soon as you are able to identify that the smell is coming from your heating and cooling system, you need to shut the power off and wait for help to arrive. An electrical problem should be treated as soon as possible. Some choose to wait until normal business hours if they do not necessarily need to run their HVAC system during the night. 

No Airflow

According to your thermostat, your heating and cooling system should be up and running. You place your hand over the vents and find out that nothing is coming out. A complete absence of airflow is a problem that needs to be addressed by a professional. However, you can often wait to call this problem in during normal business hours as long as the temperature in your house is comfortable. If it becomes too hot or too cold inside, this is another cause for an emergency phone call. 

Making the Call

No matter what your HVAC issue is, Provincial Heating and Cooling is here to help with any emergency HVAC repair in Winnipeg you may need. We can help take care of your every need, whether it’s a bad part or an electrical issue. If you can’t comfortably live in your home due to the outside weather conditions, be sure to give us a call ASAP, so we can get you back up and running in no time at all! 


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