What Is The Healthiest Room Temperature?

Mar 24, 2020

You have to set the thermostat to something, but how do you decide which number is right? Some families have massive arguments over which temperature is the most comfortable. Deciding which temperature is going to be healthy for the entire family can feel like a difficult task, but there are a few key rules you should pay attention to. Before you set your thermostat, let’s establish some ground rules: 

General Rules

The most comfortable room temperature will vary based on your personal preferences, the season, and which areas of the home you are living in. Most people can agree that a healthy range will go from 20 – 24 degrees Celsius (68 – 76 degrees Fahrenheit). Depending on a number of other factors, you may prefer one temperature over another. 

For example, many people like to set their thermostat to something a little warmer during the winter. It is not uncommon to see people set their thermostat around 21 or 22 degrees C (70 – 72 degrees F). You may want to set it even higher if you have a basement, as this area of the home tends to be the coolest spot. 

In the summertime, people tend to want their homes a little cooler. Many people set the thermostat to 20 degrees C (68 degrees F), particularly if they only have one thermostat to control their entire two-story home. Heat rises and bedrooms are often located upstairs, so you probably want to ensure that this part of your home will be more comfortable. You can sleep sounder when the temperature is a little lower. 

World Health Organization Standards

If you are still not sure what temperature to set your home at, the World Health Organization (WHO) has a few things to say. They have their own criteria for what constitutes a healthy room temperature. According to the WHO, it will vary based on the people who live or work in the building. 

An appropriately dressed adult who is considered normal and healthy should be comfortable in a room that is approximately 18 degrees C (64 degrees F). If you are prone to respiratory problems or allergies, you should never set your thermostat below 16 degrees C (61 degrees F). They also go on to say that the disabled, elderly, or very young should live with temperatures no less than 20 degrees C (68 degrees F). 

When You Are Away

Did you know that you are not supposed to keep your thermostat at the same temperature when you are away from home? In the winter, turn down the thermostat by two to five degrees C (five to ten degrees F) when you leave for work during the day. In the summer, turn it up by two to five degrees C (five to ten degrees F) . This ensures that your HVAC system does not have to work as hard and saves you some serious money on your electric or gas bill at the end of the month. 

If you are still contemplating what the right temperature is for your house, you might want to consider consulting qualified Heating contractors in Winnipeg. At Provincial Heating and Cooling, we can set you up with all the tools you need to live comfortably! 


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