What To Know About Your Heat Pump

Feb 25, 2020

How much do you really know about your heat pump? Some homeowners are embarrassed to admit that they aren’t even sure if they have one. Many people take it for granted that their heating and cooling works without any intervention on their part. However, it is great to have a firm grip on how your heat pump works and what you can expect from this specialized appliance. 

If you need a little more information on heat pumps, here are some of the basic facts that you should know:

Is My Heat Pump Appropriately Sized? 

Many homeowners buy into the myth that bigger appliances are always better. Before installation, your HVAC technician should help you select the right size specifically for your home. A heat pump that is the wrong size will not adequately be able to heat or cool your home. Instead, it will create short bursts of hot and cold air that signals the thermostat to turn off the unit. Meanwhile, your home will be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. 

What is the Lifespan of My Heat Pump? 

Like all appliances, your heat pump will eventually meet its demise. Every heat pump will be a little bit different, but many homeowners find themselves replacing the unit every ten to fifteen years. If your unit has already had its tenth birthday and those repair bills are starting to stack up, it may be time to retire it. 

Do I Need to Cover My Heat Pump in the Winter? 

Unlike air conditioners that need protection during the winter months, your heat pump should not be covered during these cold months. It actually draws the outdoor air in through the side vents and expels it out the top. If it is covered, the air will not be able to flow freely and it could disrupt the way your heat pump functions. 

What Do I Do If My Heat Pump Freezes? 

If the temperature outside dips below freezing, there is a good chance that your heat pump is going to freeze. When you see a thin layer of ice cover the unit, don’t worry. It will initiate a defrost cycle. In the meantime, your emergency auxiliary heat will work hard to keep your home comfortable. 

However, if you notice that the unit is icing over during the warmer summer months, you should consult an HVAC technician because that means that something is definitely wrong. This could be a sign that you are running low on refrigerant and that there could be a leak in your system.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

One of the best things you can do for your heat pump is to schedule routine maintenance with your local HVAC company. This ensures that your heat pump is clean, free from all debris, and in good working order. When you are ready to hire the leading professional heating contractors in Winnipeg, be sure to call Provincial Heating and Cooling. Our technicians are ready to help educate you about your heat pump today! 


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