Will A Larger AC System Perform Better?

Jun 23, 2020

You’ve heard the saying before: bigger is better. But when it comes to air conditioning, this is not the case. Several factors affect what size your AC system should be, including: the location of the house, the number of windows, and the amount of insulation and ductwork. An AC system’s job is to lower the temperature of the air and reduce its humidity – an oversized unit will perform both these tasks less efficiently, while costing you more money. There are several drawbacks to an improperly sized AC system – they are less efficient, break down more often, and cost more to operate.

An inefficient system will cause your electricity bill to be higher than it needs to be. To reach an optimal temperature, an oversized AC system will do what is called short cycling, where it turns off-and-on repeatedly. It creates a lot of noise, which is an indication of an ill-fitted AC system. This wastes energy and adds up on utility bills. Overtonning is a term used to describe when an AC unit is too large for a home. The result is a system that breaks down more easily because of short cycling. This puts more wear on the unit and reduces its lifespan. An oversized AC unit will not last as long as one that is fitted to your home. It will also cost more in repair bills.

Not only will a larger AC system be a larger expense and break down more frequently, but it also won’t cool your house as effectively. Larger units will cool your house faster – this sounds like a good thing, but it causes problems. If your AC unit is too large, it has to shut down and power up in cycles to manage the temperature, which prevents it from properly dehumidifying the air. The AC unit needs time to properly remove moisture from the air, but with an oversized system that cycles frequently, it will shut down before it has time to do this. Air that is humid will be hotter and of lesser quality. It may cause problems for those with asthma or other respiratory problems. Moist air provides the perfect growing conditions for mould and dust mites, further compromising the quality of air in your home. It also damages the structure of your house by causing moisture to reduce the lifespans of wood products and paint. Not only will you be paying more, but you’ll also be receiving lesser-quality air conditioning. 


Getting a properly sized air conditioning system for your home is a great way to improve the quality of your air conditioning and reduce the cost of your electricity bill. An oversized unit is less efficient. With a larger AC unit, you will be paying more for a system that doesn’t properly dehumidify the air. An oversized AC system will break down more frequently, and cool the air less effectively. Provincial Heating and Cooling offers air conditioning in Winnipeg. We can assess your home to determine which size of AC system is perfect for your home.


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