Winnipeg Heating & Cooling Company’s Air Purifying System Helps Customers Fight Back Against Coronavirus

Apr 27, 2021

WINNIPEG, Canada – Provincial Heating & Cooling, a leading HVAC company located in Winnipeg, Canada, is delighted to announce that they have experienced a dramatic increase in demand for their Carrier Infinity Air Purifier System. This advanced product has been shown to capture and kill 99 percent of the coronavirus trapped in its filter. 

Indoor air circulates through a home’s return ducts into the heating or cooling system and then is returned back into the living areas of a property. Air is full of millions of tiny particles from both artificial and natural sources. These particles come from pollen, dander, mould, tobacco, exhaust fumes, and select viruses and bacteria. Visually, the most obvious sign of these particles is dust which settles on interior surfaces and can be seen by the naked eye. 

The Carrier Infinity Air Purifier is installed on or near the furnace/air handler of a property to counteract this. It works continuously to remove airborne particles that are circulating throughout the home. Removing these particles from the air prevents them from being inhaled into the body, and keeps the equipment components clean, too. The installation of a Carrier Infinity Air Purifier is an excellent strategy for any homeowner looking to slow the spread of infectious disease in their home. Featuring a patented Captures & Kills® technology, the Carrier Infinity Air Purifier offers proven, third-party tested effectiveness with a 99% inactivation of captured viruses and germs, when used as instructed, including coronavirus, common cold surrogate, bacteria that cause strep throat, and human influenza.

“Everyone likes to feel safe on their property, and yet we are under constant attack from unseen invaders in our homes,” said Robert Dill. “With the installation of a Carrier Infinity Air Purifier, our customers are armed with a very efficient defence tool which is shown to be 99 percent effective against coronavirus particles captured in the purifier. Our customers have been looking for a way to fight back against this horrible virus, and we believe that these purifiers are a key component in the battle against the spread of coronavirus. Demand for these products is at an all-time high, and our advice to anyone who is considering one is to order as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment, as demand far outweighs supply.” 

Founded in 1996 by Robert Dill, Provincial Heating & Cooling started as a heating and air conditioning service company. Over the years, Mr. Dill’s reputation as a skilled Journeyman and dependable and honest technician attracted the attention of major HVAC equipment manufacturers, notably Carrier Corporation. His business quickly grew from customer and vendor referrals. Today, Provincial Heating & Cooling is a leading HVAC contractor in Winnipeg, Manitoba servicing residential and commercial clients. For more information about the company, and to book a free no-obligation quotation, visit their website at


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