Your HVAC System Could Be Making Your Home Dusty

Sep 15, 2020

The cleaning never ends. Just last week, you brushed all the dust off your countertops and end tables, but it’s managed to replenish itself already. How is that possible? Dealing with dust is a nuisance; not only is it unsightly, but it can worsen respiratory issues like asthma and allergies. To make your home look polished and keep your airways clean, take a closer look at your HVAC system – it could be to blame for your excessive dust issue:

Poorly sealed ductwork. Ductwork is responsible for bringing filtered air in and taking unclean air out. If there’s a leak in the ducts, or they aren’t sealed properly, this mechanism becomes compromised. Unfiltered air escapes and settles onto your furniture and tables, leaving a coat of dust in its wake. If the ducts themselves are dirty, this can cause problems – when clean air passes through them, it becomes contaminated by lingering debris. To assess the health of your ductwork, have it inspected by an HVAC technician. They will be able to seal any leaks and clean the insides of the ducts.

Insufficient filtration. When is the last time that you cleaned or replaced your AC filter? If it’s been longer than a few months, then it’s overdue. Homes with pets require even more frequent filter replacements. If the screen is clogged with hair and pet dander, it can’t remove dust particles from the air. Instead, the dust will bypass the filter and circulate throughout the home. Dirt can cause damage to your HVAC unit, which may result in repairs or an early replacement. The filter that you’re using might be too porous – but beware! Replacing it with one that’s too non-porous can restrict airflow and reduce energy efficiency. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to see what MERV rating is best for your system. 

An outdated HVAC model. Older models don’t have the power to ventilate the air as effectively as you may need. If your unit is so old that a layer of dust has formed on it, then it might be time for a replacement. A dusty home is a sign that your system is reaching the end of its lifespan. With a new high-efficiency unit, you can stay on top of dust build-up, all while enjoying fewer repairs and lower energy bills. 

The air is too dry. An air conditioner aims to cool the air and remove moisture from it. But sometimes it does this job too well, and the air inside your home becomes dry. This creates the perfect conditions for dust to settle. You may need to invest in a humidifier to offset this issue. 

Clogged vents. Have a look at the air vents around your home. If the fins are clogged with dust, then your HVAC system is spreading these particles all around the house. Take off the vent covers and give them a good wipe-down to improve your indoor air quality. 

To find out if your HVAC system is responsible for your cleaning woes, have it inspected by our air conditioning experts. At Provincial Heating and Cooling, we’re experienced with AC systems and can find out if yours is causing this problem. Scheduling regular maintenance for your unit will prevent issues that irritate both your mind and your lungs. Call us today and breathe easier – we’ll have your HVAC system working better in no time. Visit us at


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