Furnace And Air Conditioning Repair, Service And Installation In St Boniface

The city ward of St. Boniface is proud the home of much of the Franco-Manitoban community. St. Boniface features several historical buildings and landmarks including the Franco-Manitoban Cultural Centre, perfect for sightseeing and local strolls. Whether you are walking the city in the summer heat or the winter snow, we know you’ll want to return home to a comfortable environment. However, St. Boniface’s climate, much like the surrounding Winnipeg area, experiences a high degree of change between seasons. When you have severe variations in temperature, your HVAC systems may not cooperate in providing the stable internal climate you are hoping for!

Continental climate’s, such as the one of St. Boniface, can often cause malfunctions due to keeping up with extreme switches in weather conditions. In the dry winter air, your heater can have a tough time warming up. Equally, with summer’s high humidity, air conditioners can be overworked trying to cool wet air. Parts such as coils, pumps, and fans can malfunction in HVAC units due to these variables if the units proper maintenance is not completed. As a member of the St. Boniface community, Provincial Heating & Cooling understands the importance of functioning HVAC systems. After providing over 21 years of service to the community, our team is ready to keep your units active in the St. Boniface climate all year round!

Provincial Heating & Cooling provides some of the best quality HVAC services in Winnipeg and are growing leaders in our industry. Our team of factory technicians is trained to repair and install a variety of different systems while extending professional recommendations to keep your units running smoothly. Provincial Heating & Cooling is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer for the world-class Carrier products. We only want to offer the top of the line equipment based on performance and functionally to our customers, and Carrier fits the mark on both.

You may be wondering: How does Provincial Heating & Cooling provide the best quality services? Aside from completing rigorous professional training on the best equipment in the industry, we extend a Pro Service Plan to our customers to keep their units going strong. Our plan is comprehensive and convenient providing products and repair discounts, priority services, and peace of mind knowing your equipment is in expert hands. Knowing that HVAC systems tend to break down after regular business hours, Provincial Heating & Cooling offers 24hr services to our customers, with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee every time!

St. Boniface is beautiful and full of culture waiting to explore. And with Provincial Heating & Cooling in the area, you can always return to a cozy home after a day of adventure. Call us today for a free estimate on your home or residential space!


Is the temperature in your home or business inconsistent? Is your HVAC system out of date? Contact Provincial Heating & Cooling to discuss your options for a new unit.


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