West St Paul Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer

The municipality of West Saint Paul is full of spacious rural properties. Driving through this area is relaxing, with scattered farmland covering most of the rural area. Though West Saint Paul seems far from the city, the climate in this area is identical to the continental climate experienced by Winnipeg residents. When winter hits the area of West Saint Paul, blankets of snow and below freezing temperatures will require your home to stay warm and toasty. And when the summer humidity rises, you’ll want a refreshing oasis to return to after hours in the wet air.

When heating and cooling units are exposed to drastic differences in temperature and weather conditions such as the ones in West Saint Paul, functionality and dependability of these systems can be affected. You may notice your units showing signs of wear and tear not long after the season has started, as they have to work harder to warm/cool the air than in a milder climate. When HVAC systems can’t keep up, that’s where HVAC companies like Provincial Heating & Cooling step in! If your units aren’t working as they should, or they’ve completely stopped working altogether, our team is ready to solve your heating or cooling problem promptly.

Provincial Heating & Cooling has served the West Saint Paul area for more than 20 years, providing suburb professional HVAC services. Our factory-trained technicians know how to tackle the worst heating and cooling problems, making professional suggestions for increased efficiency along the way. Provincial Heating & Cooling is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer for the world-class Carrier products. We maintain this title to ensure our customers are receiving expert services by using the highest quality equipment in the industry. Whether you’re looking to install a new unit or just need a repair on your existing one, Provincial Heating & Cooling is here to help!

We know our customers are looking for quality on top of convenient and affordable services.  That’s why Provincial Heating & Cooling offers our Pro Service Plan: a plan including, preventative maintenance, priority services, and 24hr availability for repairs! In addition, all of our customers receive a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Providing peace of mind is a top priority for our company- we won’t be satisfied until our customers are. As leaders in our trade, Provincial Heating & Cooling in Winnipeg values your investment in a high-quality system. We’ll do everything we can to keep your units running all year round, no matter what the weather is like outside!

West Saint Paul is an enjoyable community to live in, but only if you can come home to a comfortable heated/cooled environment. If you’re curious about our services, contact us today for a free estimate of your residential or commercial property.


Is the temperature in your home or business inconsistent? Is your HVAC system out of date? Contact Provincial Heating & Cooling to discuss your options for a new unit.


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