Tips for New Homeowners That Want to Upgrade the Air Conditioning System

Aug 8, 2018

Congrats on becoming a homeowner! Maybe it’s your first time being a homeowner, or perhaps you have been in this boat before; in either case, it is vital to be familiar with the HVAC system in your new home.  It will permit you to do the preventative upkeep your HVAC system requires.

Moving to a new house is exciting; however, for the ones who formerly lived in condos or apartments—homeownership may come along with a hefty learning curve—particularly as it’ll come to its mechanical systems.

Within a home inspection, an AC should’ve been assessed—so air conditioning replacement shouldn’t come as any surprise as you move in. But it still can be a daunting task to organize an AC upgrade after the move. Be certain that as you try to replace your AC system—you pick a reputable provider.

Electrical Permit Needed

As it’ll come to upgrading an AC—the ESA requires that all installers take out an electrical permit. Some cooling and heating businesses, in the past, tried to save funds by performing the electrical job without a permit, which may result in massive fines and electrical work which does not get inspected. Be certain when you arrange your air conditioning replacement, the provider you pick to work with takes out all of the required permits.

AC Placement

You may have major plans for landscaping around your house—however, keep in mind that there are sometimes limits on where the upgraded equipment may be put in. For installation, in most new neighborhoods—because of the area between properties and uncompleted lawn—the air conditioner condenser must be installed inside the backyard upon brackets. Although some homeowners prefer installation on the side of their home— bylaws in the area prohibit it.

A trustworthy installation company always will clearly go over how bylaws impact AC installation and follow all of the rules for safety. Be certain you spend time studying up on the installation provider you are going to utilize and be certain to ask of any bylaws in your area and whether there are any plans to get an electrical permit to perform the work.

If you have gone years without an inspection or tune-up, we are glad to come out and look at your system. This way, you either can make the adjustments needed to make sure your system is operating at peak performance or you may start to explore replacement options. There is not a make or brand we cannot service! We even provide 24-hour help for holiday visits or after-hours.

If you make the decision to upgrade, our courteous installation professionals are going to ensure that you are getting the proper model for your home installed correctly. We even provide financing options to make the expenses of an upgrade easier for you.

For more tips for new homeowners that want to upgrade the air conditioning system contact Provincial today! We are proud of our years of heating and cooling in Winnipeg


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