We’re Provincial Heating, but we’re not heating just any province – we’re heating Manitoba, a hot one, but one of the coldest provinces. We’re not sure there’s any city as big as Winnipeg that gets as cold as often, but there’s one thing we are sure of: we’re here for all of your heating and cooling needs, we’re open 24 hours a day in case you need emergency service. We can help with new furnace installations, replacing your old furnace, fixing your furnace, or hvac, and by providing regular maintenance. 


Is it time to replace your furnace or hvac (heating air conditioning)? It might be. There are no hard and fast rules for when you should replace your furnace unless it breaks down beyond repair. That said, you can often end up saving money by replacing your furnace – it depends on how old your hvac or furnace is.

The professionals at Provincial will schedule a consultation with you. We’ll check out your old one, your vents, the size of your house, and the energy you use (gas or electric). Based on all of that information, we’ll help you select the right furnace if getting a replacement is the most appropriate option. When you have a relatively new furnace acting up, don’t worry. We won’t replace what can be fixed as we offer excellent repair services. Let one of our professional heating service experts show you quality service!


Not every furnace needs to be replaced – thank goodness! Most units that are less than five years old and many units that are less than ten years old can be repaired. There are a lot of different problems that can occur; it’s a complex unit! One of the most common is some kind of mechanical breakdown as a result of wear and tear. We hope this doesn’t happen with a relatively new unit, but sometimes it does. In cases where repairs are needed within the first few years of a furnace’s life, you should always check your warranty to see if you’re covered.

A lot of furnace and hvac problems can come from improper maintenance; either the vents hadn’t been cleaned well, the filters hadn’t been replaced, the area around the furnace hadn’t been cleaned out, or some other mix of problems. That’s why we offer Winnipeg a preventive maintenance plan. We offer the best furnace repair service in Winnipeg for 2019. We’re open 24 hours a day, phone us today 204-339-4328

furnace repair winnipeg


Our Pro-Service Preventive Maintenance Plan will keep your furnace running better all year long. With regular Winnipeg heating checkups and cleanings to keep your furnace operating at peak efficiency, you’ll reduce the chances that you’ll need repairs in the future. Should you end up needing repairs or services in Winnipeg, you’ll get a discounted rate because we know you’ve been taking great care of your furnace. After all, we’ve been handling it for you! You’ll get a 15% discount on replacement parts and we’ll replace your furnace’s filters for you, giving you two free filters per year that are optimized for your furnace. The Pro-Service Plan means you won’t get caught in the cold!


Believe it or not, heat pump technology has finally reached the point where heat pumps are viable in Manitoba! Heat pumps are like air conditioners that work in reverse as well. This means one unit can handle your air conditioning and your heating. Now, whether or not a heat pump will be economically viable depends in part on how large your home is, but heat pumps can be an energy efficient, more environmentally friendly way of heating your home –  get in touch with us and we’ll tell you more!