Recently, I wrote a blog post about how spring had clearly sprung in Winnipeg; there was no snow on the ground! Later that afternoon, a flurry hit, a reminder that winter always likes to cling around just a bit longer than you might expect. That all said, it will soon be summer, and when summer hits it’s time for air conditioning. There are a few considerations when it comes to air conditioning in Winnipeg: central vs. window, smart cooling, and climate change.

Central vs Window

Window air conditioning is less efficient than central air; what I mean by this is it takes more energy to cool a given space with a window air conditioner than it does with central air. That does not, however, necessarily mean that central air is best for everyone. Folks who live in a bachelor pad are probably better off with window units, because central air is designed to cool a larger space. Those of you who live in houses, however, should definitely transition to central air. Window units are simply too inefficient; Winnipeg’s summers are incredibly hot, and you’d need several window units in order to cool an entire home, leading to wasted energy and increased costs for you.

Smart Cooling

Smart homes are all the rage right now, and smart cooling is no exception. Smart cooling revolves around the smart thermostat; these devices can allow you to control the temperature from a distance, program changes to the temperature at particular times, and gather data about energy use and cooling. Some smart thermostats even adapt to your schedule with no input from you, learning about your habits and adjusting accordingly to give you the perfect balance between cool and energy-efficient. These thermostats can also be used in the winter with your furnace. A smart thermostat is a particularly good choice for Winnipeg because we use climate control so often; if you’re running your furnace or AC full blast when you go to work, you’re spending money for nothing.

Climate Change

Winnipeg’s climate is changing, just as the world is, and all signs point to our city getting hotter. Canada’s rate of global warming is much faster than the rest of the world’s, owing to our large size and proximity to the Arctic; as the ice caps melt, we will experience drastic heating. This will mean more heat waves in the summertime, and warmer weather all year round (including in the winter time). That means it’s in your best interest to invest in a high efficiency air conditioning unit; it’s incredibly likely you’ll be using your AC more and more often as the years go on. Your furnace installation contractor can recommend and install new air conditioning systems as well. These systems are becoming more and more efficient, and a new one will likely save you money on energy from day one; as the city gets hotter, you’ll save even more.