Finding the perfect temperature for your home is often like the story of Goldilocks. You do not want it too hot, but also not too cold. So, what is just right when it comes to the temperature inside a room and how do you set your HVAC system to accomplish this?

Everyone has varying body temperatures, and your “comfort” zone is not the same as your partner. Items like body weight, natural temperature, skin moisture, and overall wellness also determine what indoor temperature is ideal.

To help stop the endless debates at home about what temperature is right (or wrong), there are a few items to consider first.

Items to Consider Before Adjusting Your Thermostat

Before you make any adjustments, consider these items that could influence a better temperature for the whole family:

  • Metabolic Rates of Men and Women Differ: Your metabolic rate is not the same as your spouse. Women have a lower resting metabolic rate, which means women do not produce as much body heat while sitting, but men produce more.
  • Temperatures are Lower at Night: There is no ideal number, but anywhere between 17 and 18 degrees Celsius should yield some comfort for everyone in the house during the night. Your body’s natural temperatures are lower during sleep and rise at the end of your sleep cycle, which tells you it is time to wake up. By keeping temperatures inside low, you do not interfere with sleep cycles.
  • Heavy Fluctuations take their Toll on Your System: When you go from 16 degrees Celsius into 24 degrees, all the jumping and declining wreak havoc on your furnace and air conditioner. It also boosts your electricity costs. So, if you set the temperature at 21 to 22 degrees Celsius when you leave for the day, going down to 17 or 18 would not hurt the unit or your bills.
  • Go with the Standard: The accepted standard for summer is 20 degrees Celsius, while winter is 22 degrees Celsius. Try to adjust your thermostat for 22 degrees Celsius for winter in the living areas and a minimum of 17 degrees Celsius for occupied rooms at night. If you have seniors at home that are not very active, you may want to set the temperature at 23 or 24 degrees Celsius.

Finding the Optimum Temperature Might Require an Air Conditioning Service in Winnipeg First

Sometimes, your air conditioner is not providing the right temperature because it needs servicing. Ideally, you should have your air conditioner maintained at least once a year from professional HVAC companies in Winnipeg; preferably before the start of summer season.

During a maintenance appointment, your technician from Provincial Heating & Cooling will clean the unit, replace the filter, and test all electrical components to ensure they are functioning properly. If you notice that your air conditioner seems to be running more than it should to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, it may need a service appointment as well.

To schedule your appointment for servicing or to inquire about our air conditioner sales in Winnipeg, contact our team at 204-339-4328 or fill out our online contact form. You can also find coupons for our HVAC services online and request your estimate with no obligation to sign up.